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Birthday parties, girl’s weekends, graduation gatherings— we love celebrations. We can arrange a party that is specifically designed for you and your guests. We offer private yoga, barre or pilates mat classes as a fun way to get everyone together before heading to the spa. We have lots of ideas to make your event extra special. 

Some fun parties we have hosted:

•    A candy buffet party for a 30+ group of high school graduates: We turned the back spa into a candy wonderland, created a special non-alcoholic cocktail for everyone, turned the spa deck into a multi-manicure station and propped the doors open so everyone could walk in and out while getting mini-mani’s. Mini-massages were done in the massage rooms so every girl got two treatments. 

•    A 40th birthday celebration complete with all the client’s favorite things- Italian Spritz, antipasto trays and mini-dessert trays. Everyone had massages with an in-house created massage butter scented with the clients favorite Sicilian orange scent. We sent everyone home with mini champagnes and mini liqueurs to create the cocktail at home.

•    A happy hour for a guy’s weekend: We took over the back spa and served buckets with specialty beers, a red wine station, gourmet sandwiches from Whole Foods cut into 2-bite sizes, warm pretzels with mustard and assorted cheeses. After a morning of golf, the guys changed into robes and while half ate, the other half got deep tissue massages and then they switched places.