What's Really In Your Esthetician's Bag?

For a peek inside the bag of a skin and makeup expert, new resident esthetician Jentri Chancey shares her skin and beauty essentials.

"A few of the essentials you can always find in my bag are…  

  • Total pure hyaluranic filler by Image: moisturizes, smooths & plumps skin
  • Eyedrops: to keep my eyes clear and hydrated
  • Lira ICE clear stick: acne spot treatment for treating blemishes
  • Hand sanitizer: because you just never know when you're going to need it 
  • Bronzer and tinted moisturizer by Image: for UV damage-free all-over color and that summer glow
  • Travel size nail file: to handle snags while out running around
  • Perfume stick of the month (currently Eau rose by Diptyque): keeps me smelling nice all day
  • Black mascara, black eyeliner & blush: for touch-ups on the go
  • Tweezers: to grab the occasional stray hair
  • Dior lip glow lip balm: for the perfect shiny lip
  • Oversized sunglasses: for protection in always-sunny Austin and instant glamour
  • …And a bag of green tea! :)"

Come by and meet Jentri!  Set up a facial or waxing appointment with her today.