Trainer Spotlight: Earl Starey

What was your path to becoming a personal trainer?
I've always loved being on the water, outside, and doing anything physical that challenges my mind and body. I was a wakeboard and ski instructor for 4 years and then become a personal fitness trainer. I realized that the common thread among all of the athletic wake boarders and water skiers was that they all had great core strength, which led to my philosophy: start from the core and work your way out.

How do you like to stay fit?
I'm pretty competitive and get bored easily, so I like to stay active by playing sports and getting out and doing things outdoors. I play basketball twice a week , wakeboard all summer long, mountain bike a lot in the winter and hike a lot. I compliment all of those activities with weight lifting for strength.

What is your goal with your clients?
I really strive to help my clients try new things and find a clear path to achieve their goals through hard work, motivation and determination.

How would you describe your training style? 
I'd say my training style is high-energy. I like to incorporate resistance training with body weight and free weights with cardiovascular and endurance training to help my clients build maximum strength and muscular endurance in a safe, positive environment.

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