Carol's Wellness Essentials

CarolCurrierMecca's own Carol Currier has been a massage therapist since 1995, has been previously awarded Best Massage in Austin by Austin Monthly Magazine and has a Pilates Mat certification under her belt. "Pilates and yoga have been a huge part of what has kept me injury-free and able to work at my full potential," she notes.  Carol makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle a priority, and remaining pain- and injury-free is her motivation. We sat down with her to find out some of her wellness 'essentials:'

What are the top 4 things you advise your massage and Pilates clients on?
  1. Drink lots of water. This is important both after a massage and just in general -- hydration is beneficial and key to a healthy body that feels good. Specifically following a massage, make an effort to hydrate all day long, with a minimum of 3 glasses, and especially if you are going to be sitting or inactive afterwards. Hydrating post-massage flushes toxins and replenishes the system with fresh oxygen to re-enliven the muscles and joints.
  2. Stretch more. Stretching more frequently will help reduce any tightness you may have in the body. It is important to incorporate more stretching no matter what your workout regimen is.
  3. Strengthen your core. Core strengthening will help your body regain proper alignment, which helps keep you injury-free in everything you do.
  4. I also recommend epsom salt baths to relieve body aches and ice for inflamed muscles 

Do you have a favorite service to give?
My favorite service is the Grande Massage. I love the Grande because it allows enough time to focus in on specific problem areas you have, address the whole body and it uses hot packs (clay packs that soften and mold to your body, providing a moist heat) and aromatherapy to enhance the session. I can get a lot accomplished in that time with the aids of the aromatherapy and hot packs to really work out problem areas and leave my clients feeling revitalized.

What is a product that's 'essential' to your wellness routine?
IMG_0424 copyI love the Ultraluxe microvenom face lotion sunscreen -- I use it as my daily face lotion. I love it for one because it's a sunscreen and I know I'm protected whether I'm inside or outside, but it also smells great, and feels good on my skin. That whole line smells fantastic!