Amos' Foodie Friday
(because no one is as obsessed with food as Amos)


We’ve add a few new items to our café menu.   So just in case you haven’t noticed (you know, on your way into the gym) we wanted to bring them to your attention…

 Sometimes you need more than a health bar or a bag of peanuts to quiet your stomach and that’s why we’ve created our POWER BOWLS – Apple Pie, Banana Walnut, Fruit & Nut, and Triple Berry.  All have a greek yogurt base that provides a powerful punch of building blocks your body needs to maintain health.  Greek yogurt is 20 percent calcium, 30 percent protein, and contains zero saturated fat & cholesterol.  Add some nuts and/or fruit and you have a delicious & healthy snack! 

power bowl

 Keep an eye out for future Foodie Friday tips. Suggestions welcome, dog treats appreciated.
Happy Friday!