Sometimes motivation to get up and go can come from the simplest places.  One of the things that still makes us giddy is having something new to use or wear.  So this month we will pull motivation from the wonderful world of shopping... for new gym gear and if you happen to pick up a new outfit along the way – we won’t tell.

old shoes

Shoes…do we really need an excuse to buy new ones?  It is important to have a guideline for replacing your gym shoes so that you can avoid undue injury or strain.  For runners, after 300-400 miles it’s time to retire your shoes.  For cross-trainers, you should buy a new pair of shoes at least once a year if you use them for two hours each week. Replace them twice a year if you wear them for several different fitness activities.  To help keep yourself on schedule track your new shoes purchases in your training log.  Now go get those fabulous, shiny, sequence running shoes you’ve had your eye on!

sparkle shoes